What You Need To Know About Dental Crowns

What You Need To Know About Dental Crowns

Whenever you have some issues with your dental condition, you will go and visit a dentist to get it checked. But sometimes, it is a minor pain or issue that leads to a significant dental problem. Dentists always advise you to get your general dental checkup done at least once a year to keep your teeth in ideal shape.

During the checks, if you are found to have any issues, a surgical procedure is to be conducted to rectify them. The process can be a root canal, implants, tooth extraction, cavities, etc. A dental crown provides the teeth’s ultimate appearance. Let’s first understand what these crowns are and how they are helpful.

What Are Dental Crowns And Their Importance?

The crowns are made to cover the tooth, which is either treated or infected. It is a specially manufactured cap in the shape of a tooth that covers the damaged or chipped teeth. It primarily helps in restoring the tooth and improving its appearance and functioning. If it is the frontline tooth, the crown will be made of superior quality, resembling the actual tooth.

These crowns are used in various dental situations and after treatments. The various issues, such as:

  • A Tooth That Is Broken Or Badly Cracked
  • Weak, Decayed, Or Destroyed Tooth
  • Discolored Tooth
  • Mishap Rectification Or A Tooth With A Large Filling That Requires Additional Support For Sustaining
  • A Root Canal Surgically Protected Tooth
  • To Act As A Dental Bridge In A Dental Implant Process

What Is The Basic Process Of Implanting A Crown For The Tooth?

When a person has had dental treatment and needs a crown fixed on one of the teeth, it often takes two extra appointments to complete the crown process. The dentist will fixate on the damaged or relevant teeth in the first appointment or sitting and then take appropriate measurements.

Once the impression is taken, the dentist will make the synthetic tooth. Once the tooth is made, the dentist will call the patient for their second and last sitting to fix the crown on their tooth as per the measurements. In some circumstances, trimming and cutting may be required to fit or adjust the crown to make it look perfect.

Finally, once the crown is in place, the dentist will polish it to make it look natural and in line with the rest of the teeth.

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