Know All About Lower Horn Chestnut-Shaped Lip And How To Get It?

Know All About Lower Horn Chestnut-Shaped Lip And How To Get It?

Thick lips, thin lips, and even “Horn-Chestnut-Shaped Lips” are all on the rise as a result of cosmetic lip surgery’s rising popularity. The “Horn-Chestnut-Shaped Lips” surgical procedure is very well-liked, particularly among Asians. In the West, full lips are considered attractive. Do you know that in the last five years, Thailand has had more “Horn-Chestnut-Shaped Lips” surgeries than any other country, even more so than Korea!!! It’s not surprising that our doctors’ expertise has led to the creation of the world’s most beautiful lower horn chestnut-shaped lip (ปากกระจับ ล่าง, which is the term in Thai).

Chestnut-shaped lip surgery (Lip reduction surgery) is still much sought after by actors, internet stars, and others in the public eye. Their interest in and consultation with our doctors is constant, which has resulted in a wait time of over a year to begin treatment. 

Lip Reduction Surgery For People With Thin Or Chestnut Lips

Minimally invasive liposuction for a chestnut pout Surgery to thin the lips is an option for those unhappy with their natural lip size, and the chestnut shape is a good choice for those whose top lip is too full. Thicker lips or scarring can be caused by disorders, including lip polyps, infection, and inflammation, all of which can be improved with surgery.

Surgery to reduce the size of the lips can be performed on either the upper or lower lip, or on both, to improve the patient’s overall facial aesthetic. Stitches (absorbable sutures) are used to close the incisions and are completely gone in about a week. The entire process is completed in less than an hour and only requires a local anesthetic.

Surgery to create a chestnut shape in the upper lip is known as a “horn chestnut” technique. An upward bow is created in the top lip’s center to get this look. It’s a sign of youth and beauty to have your upper lip upturned, exposing your teeth. The size and shape of one’s upper lip, as well as their overall facial proportions, determine whether or not horn chestnut-shaped lip surgery is possible.

Can Anyone Benefit From A Lower Horn Chestnut-Shaped Lip Surgery?

Those of advanced age who wish to close the visual gap between their lips and nose may benefit from a lower horn chestnut-shaped lip. This separation usually widens as people become older, which can accentuate the appearance of a less full pout.

For younger patients, a lip lower horn chestnut-shaped surgery may be a better option than fillers if the latter hasn’t produced the desired results or has made the lips look unnaturally full or duck-like.