Fluoride Can Help Your Teeth From The Cavity And Make Them Stronger

Fluoride Can Help Your Teeth From The Cavity And Make Them Stronger

Teeth are an essential part of our body, so we must take outstanding care of them to keep them healthy. Due to too much sugar intake in chocolates, milk, or any starchy food can cause an acidic reaction due to which decay or cavity can happen. If you don’t wash your teeth regularly in a proper way, then surely it will hamper your enamel. So to make your teeth strong and cavity-free, you need to apply a fluoride (เคลือบ ฟ ลู ออ ไร ด์, which is the term in Thai) solution.

What Is Fluoride?

It is a mineral, primarily found in water, fish, milk, mouthwashes, carrot, and papaya. Fluoride helps prevent the teeth from decaying as it provides a coating to protect them. Few dentists also apply this to the teeth to prevent further cavities.

Fluoride coating can be used by those with a terrible tooth decay history. Children over three years hardly take excellent care of their teeth, due to which cavity damages them. People of old age don’t have the strength to brush their teeth, or those who eat frequent meals and chew foods mostly need the fluoride solution first to protect their teeth. This solution also strengthens the teeth.

How Does The Dentist Use It?

So at first, they will polish the teeth to remove the stains and dirt, then apply the solution to a tray that will fit your upper and lower teeth. After applying it, they will keep it for a few minutes, and a saliva suction device must be used to avoid swallowing that solution. This solution will create calcium fluoride crystals that prevent the teeth from decaying.

Results For Not Applying

If Fluoride solution is not applied, then it can result to

  • An increase in bacteria may result in the inflammation of the gum.
  • If we try to maintain foods, acidity can still happen, due to which teeth’ enamel will affect.
  • Few people have uneven teeth, so those teeth are prone to cavities as food gets stuck easily.
  • Once the decay gets deep, it raises the pain, which is excruciating.
  • Undergoing treatment monthly can be costly.

Now try not to apply this solution yourself, as it may cause infection and can result in Vomiting, nausea, oral disease, or diarrhea. So too much fluoride can hamper the enamel, so it must be applied after six months with a small proportion.

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