What To Do If You Suspect Covid-19 Into Your Lungs?

What To Do If You Suspect Covid-19 Into Your Lungs?

The WHO declared the COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic on March 11, 2020. The daily lives of people across the globe were greatly impacted by lockdowns, and so were health care systems, which suddenly faced the challenge of managing infected patients and providing routine non-COVID-19 patient care at the same time.

Thanks to improved technology and advanced medical research works, we can arm ourselves with several types of medicines. There are drugs like Molnupiravir (โมลนูพิราเวียร์, this is the term in Thai) available that help us to cure pneumonia and even prevent pneumonia from the deadly covid-19. However, it is always better to take preventive measures and keep covid away. Following a healthy lifestyle, using masks and sanitizers are among the preventive measures of covid.

Arming ourselves with knowledge about things to do if we suspect covid-19 into our lungs can also help us to take proper steps at the right time. Is there any early symptom to know if covid-19 has infected our lungs? Yes, you can walk around and stand 3 times. You can also sit up three times. If you feel tired you can hold your breath. Try to hold it for ten to fifteen seconds. Measure your blood oxygen. If it is below 94 you can suspect that the deadly virus has infected your lungs first.

What are the major symptoms of covid-19?

There are many symptoms of covid however the following 4 are among the major symptoms of covid:

  • If you have covid, you will suffer from a high fever
  • If covid has entered your body you will experience a severe cough
  • A runny nose is also among the major symptoms of covid
  • Chest pain is also experienced by many covid infected patients

What to do if you suspect that your lung is infected with the covid-19 virus?

The first and foremost thing is to consult with your physician and getting admitted to a hospital. If you have to wait for a bed, you can follow the below guidelines:

Try to lie down on your stomach. This position will ensure so your lungs are saved from being compressed. When your lungs are not compressed they will work better. When you have lied down on your stomach, try to hug a pillow close to your chest. This will help you to sleep better.

If you are unable to lie on your stomach and you are suffocating you can lie on your side. Try to lie in a position of half upside down.

If you are pregnant, you should lie on your left side. It is because your large veins will not be pressed by your uterus’ weight and blood will flow freely.

Moving legs is recommended because this will help blood flow preventing blood clots.

Drinking plenty of food and enough water is highly recommended. It is important to stay hydrated. If you are unable to drink plain water, you can go for mineral water. Lots of fruits and vegetables, meat, and eggs are also beneficial for staying healthy and fight covid-19.