What Are the Warning Signs of Alcoholism? 

What Are the Warning Signs of Alcoholism? 

Alcohol is one of the most abused substances and this has been the case for many years. Even though alcohol is intended for recreational purposes, when it is consumed beyond the prescribed amount, it borders on substance abuse. A person who is a victim of substance abuse is a wrong influence on children and may result in the breakdown of the family.

However, the person addicted to substance abuse must be seen as a victim and in need of help. Even though we do not discount the fact that substance abuse is bad and always undesirable, it must also be understood that some underlying causes push a person towards such addiction and abuse.

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Red flags for alcoholism

Mild consumption of alcohol for recreational purposes can be overlooked but you never know when this minor and recreational consumption converts into an addiction. Here is a list of common symptoms of alcohol abuse:

1 – Frequent blackouts and temporary memory loss

2 – Signs of irritable behaviour and frequent mood swings

3 – Preferring drinking to other responsibilities

4 – Drinking in secrecy

5 – Getting a feeling of hangover even when not drunk

6 – Starting to build distance from friends and family

Alcoholism is bad and it must always be addressed with the help of expert attention.