Face Thread Lifting – A Popular Aesthetic Treatment For A Youthful Look

Face Thread Lifting – A Popular Aesthetic Treatment For A Youthful Look

Recently, the face thread lift procedure is gaining popularity as one of the best aesthetic treatments due to its strong skin lifting and tightening benefits. The technique effectively lifts and tightens the skin around the face, neck, and chin areas to produce a more youthful look. A thread lift helps to restore a beautiful V shape to the face while also restoring and addressing the drooping skin.

How does a face thread lift works?

A face thread lift is a non-surgical therapy that includes temporary stitches to lift the skin around various facial areas in a subtle but visible way. It can also be a great option for delaying the appearance of wrinkles as it stimulates natural collagen production in the targeted places, giving you skin that looks and feels younger.

During the procedure, the doctor performs little “stitching” in the targeted regions rather than surgically removing any loose skin from the patient’s face. The skin is lifted and tightened as a result and is somewhat pulled back.

Getting Face Thread lift in a reputed clinic

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Face thread lift technique

Thread lifting is a needle with a soluble thread that is inserted into the skin to tighten the skin. This means the procedure includes injecting threads into the face. These threads have special hooks that enable the skin to be pulled up to the desired position just like a puppet is controlled by moving its strings. The tightness of the threads can be adjusted by the doctor.

The more skin is pulled up, the tighter the contour appears. Women over forty are particularly obsessed with getting rid of this sagging skin.

There are different types of threads used for lifting the facial skin of which the PDO thread is mostly used. There are three varieties of PDO threads:

  • Mono
  • Cog
  • Screw

Mono threads are smooth threads without barbs that are fastened to the patient’s scalp or face. They have a very light lifting effect and are used for skin tightening and volumizing.

Cog threads have barbs that are hooked on the patient’s skin and provide support while lifting the sagging skin tissues. In addition to their lifting properties, the threads stick to skin tissue like Velcro and allow the skin to be moved to enhance existing shapes.

Screw threads are made up of 1-2 threads entwined around a needle, and they work to improve the look of deep facial creases by adding volume. They can significantly enhance skin elasticity and texture.

Face Thread lift is quickly becoming a rising trend in aesthetic procedures bridging the gap between cosmetologists and plastic surgeons. These cutting-edge aesthetic technologies are creating a real competitive environment because they require fewer incisions, cost less, and require quick healing times.