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Xanax: Indications, Doses, Contraindications, Side Effects Xanax is a potent agent used in the therapy of anxiety and panic disorders. This medication is one of the best and most popular benzodiazepines on the market. Get to know more about the drug by reading on.

Xanax: General Facts about the Medication

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health disorders among the US population. The current situation in the world only adds to the problem, which is already flourishing. However, only some people know exactly what they are going through. Others just ignore the problem and don’t get treatment for their diseases. Still, almost four million people in the United States use Xanax for anxiety and panic disorders.

What Kind of Drug Is Xanax? How It Works?

Xanax is a potent benzodiazepine medication. It is generally considered an intermediate-acting agent, which means its duration of action is longer than in short-acting benzos but shorter than in long-acting drugs of their class. Depending on the drug formulation and individual peculiarities of a person taking this medication, Xanax may work for 6.3 – 26.9 hours. The active substance of the drug is called alprazolam. It binds to the sites of benzodiazepine receptor GABA, modulating its action. As a result, a person feels tranquilized and sedated. The preparation produces pronounced anxiolytic and muscle relaxant effects, which help relieve the symptoms of anxiety and prevent panic attacks in people dealing with a panic disorder. You can feel the effects of the drug within 20 minutes to an hour if you use it for panic. Those taking Xanax for generalized anxiety may need up to a week to feel significant improvements in their medical condition. While highly effective, Xanax may be addictive. To reduce the risk of developing a habit, you shouldn’t use this drug longer than 2 – 4 weeks. However, such a duration of therapy is applicable to anxiety disorder. If your problem is panic, you may need up to 8 – 10 weeks of treatment with this drug.

The Right Dose of Xanax. What Is It?

Not a single dosage guide can be totally trusted when it goes about choosing the most appropriate dosing schedule for Xanax users. For each patient, the treatment should be individualized, taking into account their medical condition, response to the therapy, and the presence of any comorbid conditions. As such, the details of your dosing schedule should be discussed with your healthcare provider. The tablets of Xanax are available in several dosages with 0.5 mg being the lowest and 2 mg – the highest. Your doctor will likely recommend you to start treatment with the lowest dose and then gradually increase it until you get the desired therapeutic effect. For anxiety treatment, the maximum recommended daily dose is limited to 4 mg. In people using Xanax for panic disorder, this dose is usually insufficient, and they have to take higher doses of the drug, which may reach 6 – 10 mg per day. Please note that any dose increase should be discussed with a medical professional.

Is Xanax Suitable for You?

While millions of people have to deal with the challenges of anxiety and panic disorder, some of them can’t be treated with Xanax. It’s not because of the lack of efficacy of the drug in certain cases but because of the contraindications these people have. The treatment with Xanax may increase your risks for side effects or negatively influence other medical conditions, including: – liver disease, including the one caused by obesity and alcoholism; – myasthenia gravis; – mania or chronic psychosis; – acute narrow-angle glaucoma; – severe breathing disorders due to sleep apnea; – acute heart health disorders; – hypersensitivity to benzodiazepines; – thoughts about suicide or suicidal attempts in the past. You are contraindicated to take Xanax if you are pregnant. Lactating women should stop breastfeeding to use this medication. It is important to be careful combining Xanax with other medications. Some interactions may be life-threatening. Tell your GP about all medicines you use, including over-the-counter drugs.

Unwanted Reactions to Xanax

Studies claim that Xanax is one of the most often prescribed and most often misused benzodiazepines in the US. This drug has a habit-forming potential, which is why it should be used in the lowest effective dosages. The incidence of unwanted reactions to Xanax is dose-related. Some side effects of the drug are common and usually improve as soon as your body gets adjusted to the effects of the medication. We’ll name some of them: – drowsiness; – tiredness; – low blood pressure; – headache; – mouth dryness; – depressed state; – memory problems. These all result from the sedating effect of the drug. If some side effects bother you or continue for too long, contact your doctor for advice. Severe reactions to the drug are rare, yet they may require immediate medical attention.

Summing up

Xanax is a potent anxiolytic, which can simplify your life by making you free of your anxiety symptoms. This drug is considered one of the best for the mentioned mental health disorders. Consult your doctor for details and don’t delay treatment that can totally change your life.