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Wrinkle treatment is a risky investment and women looking for overnight solutions for wrinkles should know there is no such magic formula. But Illuminesse Cream claims to be the steady solution for boosting the skin health when your age number multiplies. Find out what’s so special about it and whether or not it holds up to its promises.

What is Illuminesse Cream?

A luxury wrinkle reducing treatment, Illuminesse Cream promises to be the ultimate topical solution for saggy skin and droopy lines on the face and neck skin. Claimed to be a clinically proven and dermatology approved product, this solution promises to

  • Control fine lines and wrinkles visibility
  • Boost radiance within skin
  • Moisturize skin from outside and within to make it plump 
  • Restrict the visibility of dark spots, hyper pigmentation

How to use?  

Clean your face and follow your complete cleansing routine as per your skin and then apply the solution in morning and then night. Make sure that you allow it to set inside skin and get absorbed fully.



The official website reveals these to be the active and main ingredients:

  • Matrixyl™ 3000
  • Sodium Hyaluronate
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Swiss apple stem cells 
  • Retinol
  • Vitamins A,E and C

Illuminesse Cream ingredient work through:

Matrixyl™ 3000 (Peptide) : A famous and highly favored wrinkle combating ingredient, Matrixyl 3000 aids in boosting collagen synthesis by 350%. There has been sufficient evidence proving that it helps in boosting the skin’s ability to build the basic hydration, elasticity and collagen within skin. It maintains skin’s youthful appearance by initiating the fibroblasts cells and connective tissue to secrete more biological collagen.  

Retinol (Vitamin A) : Retinol is actually another term for pure Vitamin A and is among the top wrinkle-fighting ingredients. It is not only great for preventing UV radiation damage against skin but also protects skin against premature aging.  It further triggers a healthy spike in the skin cells growth, enabling the new growth to replace the dead cells and strengthen the skin.

Swiss Apple Stem Cell (Malus Domestica): Stem cells treatment for wrinkles has witnessed quite a lot of hype over the years. The Swiss Apple stem cells is the new genie in the bottle for the perfect shield against wrinkles. Enabling better revitalization of the skin cells with their enhanced ability to fight invasion from free radical cells, this ingredients aids the skin in maintaining its softness and overall hydration.

Hyaluronic Acid: Perfect for dry skin, Hyaluronic Acid is a great ingredients for keeping the skin hydrated inside-out. It not only attracts water inside the skin but also binds it with the skin cells thus keeping them well moisturized. Often, women with dry skin face the threat of premature wrinkles due to lack of proper hydration. So, Hyaluronic acid balances the dryness that retinol may cause and further fulfils skin’s necessity for moisture without hindering the oil balance. 

Coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone) : A strong antioxidant developed to keep the skin cells from getting damaged, Coenzyme Q10 allows for skin’s natural ability to secrete higher collagen, Elastin and maintain glow. Most of all, it strengthens skin’s defense against free radical cells that get stronger with age. 

Vitamin A, C, E Liposome: Blend of three vitamins, these liposomes are developed aid in the protection of lipid membranes from any attract tat free-radical cells may cause.

How does Illuminesse Cream work? 

For any women with wrinkles, it is important to understand how the damage is caused and when it begins. Wrinkles occur when the skin’s connective tissue weakens and skin cells don’t rejuvenate. The lack of fibroblasts’ collagen secretion that dies down on its own with age also caters to the damage. So, for any anti-aging treatment, it is important that skin’s basic requirement are fulfilled through:

  • Protection against environmental and other similar factors like UV radiation, free radical cells 
  • Shield against loss of  collagen through replacement solution for boosting the lost collagen
  • Hydration of the skin to control any dryness led cracks or wrinkles on the skin
  • Revival of the dead skin cells

These are the foremost four factors that define the efficacy of any anti-wrinkle product and Illuminesse Face Cream claims to fulfill all of these. With its antioxidants blend, it fortifies skin’s defense against free radical cells, and supplies sufficient hydrating elements to the skin cells to cover up dryness. In addition, it alters the damage done by aging step by step, with each one of its ingredients working to develop skin’s natural restoration.

Pros, cons and side effects

Ingredients are great and used in high quantity too thus ensuring that they’d indeed act upon the wrinkles. As far as presentation is concerned, Illuminesse Cream fares well on that too.

Cost, Delivery and refund

If you choose to buy it from the official website then you will just need to pay shipping ($4.95). This shipment order comes with a 15 day.


Safety, customer approval and Turnaround time for results

Some women have claimed seeing results in as less as 30 days while some said that they could feel the change in only a week but it took them almost 7-8 weeks to see the wrinkle difference. We cross examined the testimonials available with official manufacturer website and other sellers (non-affiliate) and found that those who responded to our calls were genuine. Some women stated their apprehension regarding the high price but also affirmed that Illuminesse Cream had worked on their skin perfectly.

Customer approval is over 90% and while speaking with the users who posted testimonials, we found no complaints of side effects or any damaging action on their skin.

Women are recommended to notice their skin for changes in suppleness, texture and softness in the beginning 7-14 days. Further wrinkle reduction changes occur depending on the depth and volume of wrinkles.

However, we’d like to recommended women with sensitive skin to look for alternatives since this is retinol which can be aggravating for acne, pimples or other sensitive skin issues. 

Should you buy it? 


You may find the price wroth complaining but Illuminesse Cream costs just as must as any other wrinkle preventive cream or serum in the market. In fact, major and even one product brands are costing more than $150 for a simple essential skin oil and collagen for wrinkles and based on the results of Illuminesse Cream, it is safe to trust it with your skin.

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