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For some, weight loss has always been a lifelong struggle and with the growing interest in eliminating obesity, detrimental eating habits and redundant fat, the weight loss industry has sure come up with most interesting solutions. One of these is Anatomy Keto which employs the use of fancy terminology to move its users. Get to know all about this new age solution for melting the obstinate fat here.

What is Anatomy Keto? What does it claim to do?

Chiefly an appetite controller, Anatomy Keto is supplement that is introduced as a Neutraceutical fat loss aid by the manufacturer. It is designed to work in a similar fashion of prescription medication for controlling weight as claims to limit the unhealthy, unnecessary intake of empty calories by suppressing the cravings that result in overeating. It claims to reduce calories by 50%, consistent boost in energy and natural fat limiting mechanism of body. When used with the ideal diet and exercise routine, it even claims to assist in shedding 15-25 lbs every month!



Label lists that every serving contains 500mg of proprietary complex composing beta Phenylethylamine HCL, 1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine, Hordenine HCL And L-Theanine.

Intechra health, inc. Manufactures the product in a US located cGMP facility.

When, how and how long to use?

Using Anatomy Keto is recommended only for those who are already dieting or planning to begin their dieting and exercising routine. The product is not sold as the sold fat burning supplement but rather as the one that assists in the ultimate goal of losing weight. So, those who still haven’t started one healthy diet and have no intention or plans either should first chart out their daily calorie consumption, craving triggers, unnecessary calories intake, etc.

Directions for use as listed by the label: you are supposed to take only 2 capsules every day with water, each one before a meal (30 minutes prior) and definitely never within 5 hours of sleep so that rules out the dinner dosage. So, safe course of action would be take one capsule 30 minutes before breakfast and another one before lunch.

If you end up skipping or missing a dose, don’t worry and take the next as recommended but don’t try to make up for the skipped one by subsequent overdosing as this could result in negative effects. In addition, the label is available easily online so it is recommended that you check the caution statement for evaluating if you have any of the listed medical complaints that intake of this formula may aggravate or impact harmfully.

There is no specific duration for maximum dosage but to see positive results, it is suggested that you take it for a minimum of 4-6 weeks.

How does it work?

The fundamental use of Anatomy Keto is suppressing the cravings that trigger on their own in between meals even when the body is full and has had sufficient calories as per physical requirement. Those on dieting routines often complain of exhaustion, cravings, and then often relapse by going back to the unhealthy craving pattern in between meal times. Those who work long hours often munch on such snacks that do nothing for the sustenance needs of the body but instead add piles of fat to the body.

So, the formula targets the most important problem of dieting and fat loss: how to keep the cravings in control? It does so by enabling the body to sense fullness and develop more energy out of meals instead of storing the fats.

It further caters to the fat limiting requirements of body by initiating a thermogenic process of calorie burning in body.

This thermogenic process actually burns calories by boosting body’s temperature by burning body’s energy sources and while doing so, it ends up burning the calories. 

1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine is an appetite suppressant through its mood boosting and energy enhancing ability while L-Theanine enables the users to control anxiety, stress that they usually feel when they change diets. Often, this anxiety results in the relapse of previous unhealthy eating habits so by limiting the stress, it makes the body feel healthy, full and stable of the new habits.


What does the research say?

Anatomy Keto has listed numerous journal papers and research evidence for the ingredients that have appetite suppression and energy development ability. Our experts affirm the listed research evidence and further state that the ingredient quantity and quality is suitable to seek claimed results.

Pros, cons and side effects

Ketogenic Anatomy Keto is not marketed as the number one weight loss product or even as one of this super foods for weight loss product but rather as a product that is at par with prescription products for fat control.

Given the fancy Neutraceutical label, this formula is sure to influence people and if the former users of the product are to be believed then this is better than amazing and more effective than any of the superfruit-foods available on market. The formula has 200mg of caffeine which is equivalent to quantity of caffeine you receive by drinking 2 cups of coffee every day so unless, you are sensitive to caffeine, there won’t be any sweating or jitter issue. There are no stimulants other than the caffeine and other ingredients work following the thermogenic weight loss principle.

Talking of cons, we should mention that the price seems too steep and is indeed so. But prescription drugs aren’t cheap either however, if you want a better deal, making your order at any online reputed e-commerce sellers like Amazon would help since it will drastically cut your shipping cost.

On the other side, ingredients are effective, supported by actual research and clinical trials confirming ingredients’ positive effects on fat and appetite control with zero harmful results. The dosage is potent, not too high and nor too moderate either and strikes the right biological chord for advancing overall fat burning competency.

Anatomy Keto may appear to be a risky venture but it is actually among the most stable, quality and promising ones in the weight loss market. We recommended this with conviction  that we developed after speaking with its real users who verified their results with their real life accounts of having lost 23-45lbs of weight within 3-9 months.

Where To Buy

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